“Duality” Cloud Cover in CONCERT at Cabernet Frank’s, Parksville NY April 2021

The road I live on is in the countryside and there are no lanes painted on the surface. I was driving home and it occurred to me there is no left or right and I was in the middle. When Yahweh separated the day from the night, he saw that it was good. I take that for myself. She saw that it was good. The world I live in is the world as I see it. I choose what I see. I create everything around me with my thoughts. And as a species that’s how we exist. All of us imagining life, together. My guitar technique is inspired by Joni Mitchell and Michael Hedges. If I had to describe my music genre, I call it “ArtRock”.

Duality (Kathy Geary)

The light was busy dividing the day from the night.br />
I was driving down a road with no end in sight.
No yellow line to keep the left from right.
And She saw that it was good.

The water was thinking how the land was so hard.
I was swimming in a pond in the back of my yard.
There was nothing to keep my head from my heart.
And She saw that it was good.

And so these thing conspire to define reality.
They do their dance before us, you and me.
And we put it all together in search of what might be,
to find nothing in the void except what we choose to see.
And She saw that it was good.

The future was moving from the past, fast away.
I was living in the center holding still on that day.
There no way to know how long life would stay.
And She saw that it was good.