Live Recording Sessions

Cloud Cover recorded five songs in two sessions at Big Orange Sheep Studios in Brooklyn, NY in July 2021. The owner/engineer is Chris Benham who set up two vocal mics including a Neuman U47 and a Boch digital. The guitar went direct to the console and also through a Matchless guitar amp in a side room. The drums were setup before the session began with maybe ten mics on the drum set from above and below and in front!! The bass guitar also went direct to the console and through a bass amp. The sessions were intense as Kathy was playing and singing under headphones with no room for mistakes. We each were in separate booths with glass to see each other and headphones for the mix. Most songs were recorded in two takes!

Cloud Cover in the Studio
Cloud Cover in the Studio – Sam Smith, Kathy Geary, Matt Kane
Sam Smith, Bass guitar
Sam Smith, Bass guitar
Matt Kane, Drums