Julian Giaimo, Producer

We’re in the home stretch! Julian Giaimo is mixing five songs and bringing his considerable skills as a Music Producer.

Cloud Cover recorded five songs in a live session at Big Orange Sheep studios in Brooklyn NY in July 2021.

Overdubs were done remotely by some wonderfully talented musicians from far and wide. Ron Blake has been in the SNL Band for years and contributes the sax on “Heaven Is”. Elizabeth Rose, a singer-songwriter in her own right plays slide guitar on “When I’m Awake”. From the west coast, Jeness and Sean Johnson play viola and cello on “Sleeping Outside”.

Finding the right sound for today’s tastes is something I thought I could do on my own. But turns out I needed an extra set of ears to really hear the music. It’s like looking into a mirror and trying to see yourself objectively. Not easy. Julian Giaimo is there for me, I trust his instincts. The vocal sound is critical as my music relies heavily on the classical training I received as an operatic soprano.

After the live session were finished overdubs were recording remotely.

Ron Blake
Ron Blake has been a member of the Saturday Night Live Band for many years and delivers a beautiful sax part for the song “Heaven Is”.

Elizabeth Rose is a singer-songwriter in her own right and plays slide guitar on the song “When I’m Awake”.

Kathy Geary – Jeness Johnson – Sean Lyons live at The Colony, Woodstock, NY 2020
Jeness Johnson and Sean Lyons are classically trained and created perfect string parts for the song “Sleeping Outside” on viola and cello.

Cloud Cover recorded five songs in two sessions at Big Orange Sheep Studios in Brooklyn, NY in July 2021. The owner/engineer is Chris Benham who set up two vocal mics including a Neuman U47 and a Boch digital. The guitar went direct to the console and also through a Matchless guitar amp in a side room. The drums were setup before the session began with maybe ten mics on the drum set from above and below and in front!! The bass guitar also went direct to the console and through a bass amp. The sessions were intense as Kathy was playing and singing under headphones with no room for mistakes. We each were in separate booths with glass to see each other and headphones for the mix. Most songs were recorded in two takes!

Cloud Cover in the Studio
Cloud Cover in the Studio – Sam Smith, Kathy Geary, Matt Kane
Sam Smith, Bass guitar
Sam Smith, Bass guitar
Matt Kane, Drums

We rehearsed at Euphoria Productions in Manhattan on my birthday in June 2021. This was the first time we had all played together! Getting ready to record the debut EP “Sky High”. They had listened to the solo voice and guitar recordings but I didn’t have any charts. Listen to us try to figure out the bass line for “Duality”.